Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka 
the paneer tikka is served with mint chutney. it is the same chutney that is served with all tandoori items. i made the mint chutney late in the evening… will post the recipe soon.

lets begin step by step recipe of making paneer tikka in the oven.

1. take thick curd/yogurt or hung curd in a bowl and smoothen the curd.
thick curd for paneer tikka recipe
2. add ginger garlic paste or crushed ginger garlic to the curd.
added ginger garlic paste for paneer tikka
3. add all the dry spice powders and black salt to the curd. below you see the following indian spice powders in clock wise order: kashmiri red chili powder, coriander-cumin powder, garam masala powder, turmeric powder and ajwain/carom seeds. in the center is black salt.
added spices for paneer tikka
4. hmmm. i have not used any red color in the recipe and i feel that the redness is less in the marinade… hence i added some more kashmiri red chili powder to the marinade. kashmiri red chili powder gives a nice red color to the food and its not hot.
added chili powder - paneer tikka
5. mix well. can you see some little more redness in the marinade?
mixing the marinade for paneer tikka
6. add lemon juice, mix and keep the marinade aside.
adding lemon juice for paneer recipe
7. dice the veggies.
paneer tikka - chopping veggies
8. chop the paneer and cube them. best to use homemade paneer.
chopping paneer
9. add the veggies and paneer to the marinade.
mixing paneer veggies in marinade
10. and slowly and gently mix them with the marinade. i tasted the marinade with my sis and both of us felt that some thing is missing in the marinade… it was close but not very close… what is it???….  and lo…  i realized that i had forgotten to add chaat masala… so obviously the next step is adding the chaat masala…. no prizes for guessing this step :-)
adding chaat masala for paneer tikka
11. ok… everything is marinated well. cover and keep the marinated paneer and veggies in the refrigerator for 2 hours or more.
paneer veggies in marinade
12. this is how they look after 2 hours.
paneer marinade after 2 hours
13. skewer the veggies and paneer in a skewer or tooth pick.
paneer tikka veggies skewered
14. arrange them on a plate or a rack. brush with some oil and keep in the oven. after 10 minutes remove from the oven, turn the skewers, brush some oil and again keep in the oven.
brushing oil on paneer tikka
15. remove after 10 or 15 minutes. serve the paneer tikka sprinkled with chaat masala along with mint chutney, onion slices and lemon wedges.
paneer tikka recipe

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